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In 2013, the Gulf Cattlemen’s Association (GCA) recognised the need as an industry to respond to the levels of mental illness, poor mental health and other aspects of wellness experienced by its members, families and communities across the region.

As a result, Mustering Wellness was conceived as a platform to connect with people in the region and understand the issues affecting mental wellness and provide resources for members to access. In 2015, the GCA has worked to evolve Mustering Wellness as a way in which people in the northern region can access information about mental wellness, but also to contribute to improved wellness of people living in remote and rural settings.

The GCA have invited the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) and the Kimberley Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) to collaborate in offering the Mustering Wellness resource to the northern regional areas.

As a Northern Australian beef industry, this collaboration facilitates:

  • - A better understanding of the issues regarding mental wellness in the bush
  • - Supports people experiencing similar issues to share their stories and to remove barriers to  support such as isolation and stigma
  • - Encourages better wellness
  • - Links to appropriate wellness services, supports and resources
  • - Works collaboratively to share ideas and understandings regarding mental wellness
  • - Builds connectedness between people, communities & regions.


Mustering Wellness is being led by the GCA, which will consult with the NTCA and KCA as to how, as an industry, the issues of mental wellness is understood and received. In this regard Mustering Wellness is a resource created by the industry as a further resource and mechanism for people in the northern region to access information about wellbeing, resilience and hope.

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